16bit Setup Uploader
source included

The 16bit Setup Uploader is 16bit application for designed specificly for 16bit versions of windows and pure DOS, but which also runs on Windows 9x. Source is included with the download and should compile in Borland TurboC 2.0.


The 16bit Setup Uploader can upload setup files to the N64 with a PC connection to a cheat device. It requires no codes to be entered or activated on a cheat device. In addition, it has an option to record the current player statistics to a file and present them on-screen. A position debugger is also provided, but the position output it creates tends to give faulty rotational data.

The program has full multi-region support insofar as it can detect and patch any region game. The program itself though does not provide unicode support for its own interface.


Unlike other setup uploading utilities such as the Citadel Uploader or the GoldenEye Setup Editor, no codes are required to use this program. All that is needed is the proper cable to connect the PC to a GameShark or Pro Action Replay. In the cheat device's menus, select to turn code generator on to allow a PC connection, and any time that the game is running start the application to automatically detect the game's region and patch it to allow setup uploading.

After initial patching, the main menu will appear with the options of uploading a setup file in binary (.bin) format, make a copy of the current player positions, and grab player statistics.


Overall, it is far less powerful than the uploader provided in the GoldenEye Setup Editor. Only setup files saved in binary (.bin) will work with the uploader. RareCompressed files (.1172) can not be decompressed automatically by the program. This program only has the capability to upload setup files already created with different tools. In addition, it does not support automatically linking embedded text.

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