Archives picks up after you are captured at the end of Statue. You begin in an interrogation room in the military archives. You must connect with Natalya, and on Secret and 00 Agent, talk with Defense Minister Mishkin about Ourumov's betrayal. Bond Invisible is unlocked by completing this mission on 00 Agent in 1:20 or less.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Escape from interrogation room
  • Find Natalya
  • Recover helicopter black box
  • Escape with Natalya


Captured by the Russians, Bond must escape their military prison.

M BriefingEdit

Again? Captured again? I hope you can defend your performance, 007, because there isn't a lawyer in the land who'd take on the case. Your only chance is to speak directly to Defense Minister Mishkin. He's a reasonable man, for a member of the Politburo. Failure is not an option, Bond.

Q BranchEdit

Up to you to get out of this one, 007. I can't hold your hand all the time. By the way, get that flight recorder for me, would you? Thanks.


Banged up again, James? Now you know what it's like to be trapped behind a desk, and i'm off out to the theatre with a gentleman tonight. How times change!


  • Moneypenny's briefing for this mission is a reference to the film the game is based on; at one point Moneypenny tells Bond that she is dressed smartly for "a date, with a gentleman".

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