This is a list of the outfits James Bond uses in GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii).

[Note all outfits can carry three weapons.

Dam (2010),Facility (2010),Airfield. Agent Outfit. Bond's standard mission outfit. Includes bullet-proof jacket,finger-less gloves. Standard black colour. 

Barcalona Nightclub. Tuxedo Suit. Black colour.

Dubai Carrier. Suit.Sky-Blue colour.

Outpost,Bunker (2010).Snow camouflage outfit. Black pants with hooded jacket.

Archives (2010),Tank (2010),Station,Memorial Park. Black pants and black fleece.

Nigerian Jungle (2010),Solar,Cradle (2010). Brown pants with blue short-sleeved shirt.


Bulet-Proof Body Armor. Blue armour found during 007 Classic missions.

Parachute Backpack. Grey parachute used in the Dam (2010) mssion.

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