In the outlet control room, there is a double AR33 to be had by shooting the cradle in the corner. It will explode three times into a smaller cradle. Finally, two terminal boxes should appear. Shoot those to get a second AR33.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy inlet pump controls
  • Destroy outlet pump controls
  • Destroy master control console
  • Use radio to contact Jack Wade
  • Minimize scientist casualties


The Janus Control Center communicates with the Goldeneye weapons system via a large satellite dish which is usually concealed underwater. The pumps which allow Janus to flood the communications dish are housed in a subterranean cave complex defended by crack Janus troops.

M BriefingEdit

Don't jeopardize the mission by going for the man, Bond - nobody needs a dead hero. You'll be on your own, but CIA combat support will be waiting. Find a radio and inform Jack Wade of the exact location of the dish and he'll send in the cavalry.

Q BranchEdit

The satellite communication dish is exposed. If you remove the water pumps, Janus will be unable to hide it again. Destroy the servo control consoles close to the pumps and be sure to disable the master console.


Doing a spot of spelunking? Well, don't mess your trousers up, James.

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