Circle strafing is a common multiplayer strategy used in game. The player circles a target while firing at the target simultaneously. Unlike strafing, which is moving while laying down cover fire in a different direction, circle strafing is directed fire to specific targets. Since it requires constant movement, it is not possible to aim while using the technique.


To properly circle strafe using the default control style, the control stick is typically held at a 45°-60° angle while the player holds either the left or right c-buttons. When the player is near the target, the control stick is angled slightly more than usual to point towards the target, keeping them directly in front of the reticule as you move around them. When they attempt to move angle the stick slightly more than usual to compensate. The player should fire only when the target is lined up with the reticule.

This utilizes a glitch which causes the player to run at about double speed when both control stick and strafing movement types are used simultaneously. It also becomes remarkably easier when auto-aim is activated, as this naturally corrects for any deviation to your targetting while rotating around the foe.


When auto-aim is in use, the target can switch their weapon to unarmed. This disables tha auto-aim system so they must be targetted by line-of-sight only. However, this is a poor defense and relies on players unaccustomed to multiplayer.

Zig-zagging toward a circle strafer is a highly effective counter. In general, zig-zagging left and right using the strafing buttons makes it difficult to accurately fire at an opponent, but this is compounded by the ordinary difficulty of maintaining a target in the reticule while circling a foe. By running toward the opponent they will find it difficult to correct the arc around your character. Also, zig-zagging utilizes the same speed glitch as circle strafing, so it effectively counters their movement advantage.

Circle strafing requires following and circling an opponent, so one of the worst drawbacks is the chance of being lured into a trap, such as a remote mine or a waiting team member.

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