Citadel Uploader

The Citadel Uploader is a program that uploads the content needed to play the unfinished stage Citadel on console.


It requires a GameShark Pro 3.x or Pro Action Replay, as well as a PC with a parallel port connection. The N64 must have an 8MB expansion pak present to use the upload feature and to place the data within memory. Obviously, you also need a N64 and GoldenEye cartridge. The program works best on Windows 9x machines, but will work on Windows 2000 and XP. Vista remains untested, as most Vista computers lack parallel ports.


The program uploads data missing from the original Citadel stage in order to make it playable. It also adds in a stage select image and replaces Library in the multiplayer stage select menu. It saves the stage data outside normal memory, so you can play other stages besides Citadel without problems.


Connect the parallel port cable between the computer and the cheat device. Turn on the power to the game, select code generator on, then start the game. Maneuver through the menus until you are on the multiplayer setup menu. Run the program, and it will automatically upload the data. When finished, you can select Citadel from the multiplayer stage select menu.


Citadel is missing a valid clipping map and stage setup. In order to alleviate this, the patch loads in a new clipping file and creates a hook to some code that detects the current stage. Library is used to host the stage. Library's background data is swapped with that of Citadel, and a trigger is used to determine when the clipping file is loaded. Once in memory, pointers are redirected from Library's clipping file to the new one in memory. In order to save time and space, a new setup file is not generated. Instead, Library's own original setup file is editted when it loads into memory. Weapon positions are moved and spawn locations replaced with a new list. The stage select image is not swapped due to TLB addressing issues. Instead, an existing unused stage select image is overwritten with the new image when it is loaded in memory. Stage select names are modified with simple codes.


Due to limittations on Windows NT systems, many programs that use the parallel port run into severe trouble, and this one is no exception. In addition, GameSharks tend to sporadically lock and fail for undetermined reasons.

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