Below are links relating to our growing community.


GoldenEye Forever

Get up to date on the latest gaming tips, multi-player maps and solo maps for GoldenEye. There is also a link to our message board community and also other links to other games we enjoy hacking and playing.

GoldenEye Vault

The Goldeneye Vault is an exclusive website of legendary hacker SubDrag. Here our creations lie forever, waiting to be played. You can also find downloads and tutorials for the GoldenEye Setup Editor.

GoldenEye Hacks

GoldenEye hacks is a site created by Bmw for his own created maps and missions.

GoldenEye Online

GoldenEye Online is another site created by GE MASTER. This site is dedicated to playing GoldenEye online, with tutorials, maps, and links to the latest emulators to help you get started. Also a link to the NGPA.

Beta GoldenEye

This site is a secondary site to the legendary hacker SubDrag. Here he has complied an exhaustive and complex in depth look into the history of the pre-release version of GoldenEye 007.

NGPA Forums

This site is another created by GE MASTER. This site hosts the official message board of the National GoldenEye Players Association, an ever growing community of GoldenEye Online players.


This used to be home to the largest GoldenEye site on the web.

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