The Compensator is a weapon attachment available for certain pistols and long guns that only appears in GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. It is easily mistaken for a Silencer at first glance, but can be identified by the rows of circular ports along its top and sides.


The Compensator accessory fits the weapon with a ported barrel extension which has slightly different effects depending on what type of weapon it is attached to. On automatic weapons it decreases the rate of muzzle climb and shake when firing for prolonged periods, while on sniper rifles it decreases the distance the scope reticle jumps vertically on firing, allowing for faster follow-up shots.


Compensated weapons are incredibly rare in the campaign, with only a handful available. They do not appear at all in the Wii version.


  • On Vargen FH-7 used by enemy on warship's bridge.
  • On Anova DP3 used by enemy on cargo lift.


  • On Terralite III used by enemy in starting area, usually found near rocks at far end of room.
  • On Terralite III (Multiple) found in gun rack in small control room immediately before huge room with pipe bridge and drone guns.
  • On Strata SV-400 (Multiple) found in locker in drone gun control room nearest gate.

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