Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Protect Natalya
  • Disable Goldeneye satellite
  • Destroy armoured mainframes


The Janus Control Centre has been located in an underground complex in the Cuban jungle.

M BriefingEdit

Into the lion’s den, 007. Well, just be careful. Remember that you and Miss Simonova are a team, it’s critical that you protect her while she’s hacking into the Janus computers. With any luck she’ll be able to stop the Goldeneye from firing.

Q BranchEdit

While you’re there old boy, see if you can‘t erase their databases. The details of Janus’ criminal bankrolls are stored on specially armoured mainframe units. That information is worth millions to Janus - I’m sure you’ll find some way of deleting it.


You know, James, she’s not the only woman who can operate a computer.