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Cougar Magnum

Cougar Magnum


The Cougar Magnum is one of the most powerful guns in the game. It is a .357 Magnum revolver that can penetrate multiple doors and bulletproof glass. The magnum is a strong pistol in multiplayer, but it is also very slow, requiring precise aim to use effectively. While it has a slow rate of fire, the Cougar Magnum can be a useful weapon, due to its power and good accuracy. A single shot to the head can be an instant kill.


  • During development, the Cougar Magnum was called both the Ruger Magnum and the Blackhawk Magnum after its real-world counterpart, the Ruger Blackhawk.
  • This weapon cannot be obtained in solo without cheats. Natalya Simonova carries a Cougar Magnum in Jungle and Control, but will not drop it even after being killed.
  • The Cougar Magnum was featured in Perfect Dark's prerelease trailer. It was carried by NSA Director Trent Easton, but the weapon was left out in the final version of the game.
  • According to the instruction manual for GoldenEye, the Cougar Magnum is "possibly the most powerful revolver in the world."


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