Due to the way DeleD calculates its UV coordinates when using the Auto UV option or the Generate UV tool, there is a high probability that any large background you create will eventually have some of its texture coordinates overflow when imported to GoldenEye. The farther a tri is from the 0, 0, 0 center point, the more likely this is to happen. Once the coordinates are "bad" they will stay that way no matter what you do, short of resetting the UV coordinates entirely. This can be avoided, however, by limiting or eliminating the use of these options.

Limiting the Use of Auto UVEdit

The easiest way to avoid any issues the Auto UV option causes is to model any new geometry near the center point, texture it, and then move it into the intended place. Once you apply your own textures in place of the system texture, Auto UV is disabled by default. You can then manipulate the texture all you want without fear of the coordinates being recalculated.

Limiting the Use of Generate UVEdit

Generate UV is generally only used to correct a texture which has been distorted beyond recovery. Like with Auto UV, this tool is safe to use when near the center point. Attempt to center whichever tri needs to be corrected (you can likely get it perfectly centered on 0, 0, 0 if you use the object inspector), then do whatever you need to do to fix the texture, and move it back where intended.

Eliminating the Use of Auto UVEdit

If you do not wish to model everything around the center point, this is the method you must use. It actually relies on the Generate UV tool, specifically the fit texture size to face option. When this option is selected, DeleD does not factor in where that face is located, and will give clean UV coordinates. The downside is that, for textures intended to be tiled, you must now scale them down. Remember that UV coordinates work backwards from what you would normally expect (50 is twice as large as 100, while 200 is twice as small).

Fixing a Background with Bad CoordinatesEdit

There are two tested ways to fix a background with bad coordinates. The first involves moving each room to the center point, then using Generate UV to give them acceptable coordinates. From there, scale the textures as needed and move the room back to its correct position. Repeat this for every room in the background.

The second is the same as the eliminating auto UV method described above. Use Generate UV to fit each face's texture to it, then scale down. This method can be much more difficult for complicated geometry, and is only advisable for large rooms that cannot be fixed with the center point method.

Another possible method would be using the Nasha UV plugin that ships with DeleD, to manually enter new coordinates.

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