Natalya is recaptured by General Ourumov and Bond gives chase through the streets of St Petersburg eventually reaching an arms depot used by Janus. There, Bond destroys its weaponry stores and then hitches a ride on Trevelyan's ex-soviet missile train, where he kills Ourumov and rescues Natalya. However Alec Trevelyan and his ally Xenia Onatopp escape to their secret base in Cuba.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy illegal arms cache
  • Destroy computer network
  • Obtain safe key
  • Recover helicopter blueprints
  • Locate Trevelyan's train


The Janus operations in St. Petersburg is located in a disused military rail depot. From here the crime syndicate coordinates illegal arms deals, international terrorism and extortion.

M BriefingEdit

Quite a nest of vipers, 007 - Do your best to disrupt the Janus operations. We'd be particularly interested if you could retrieve their blueprints for a modified version of the stealth helicopter, it seems they may be thinking of going into production. We also believe that Ourumov has taken Natalya to Trevelyan's converted missile train in the depot. You need to be on that train when it leaves.

Q BranchEdit

They've got a pretty sophisticated computer network hidden away somewhere in that depot, 007. Be a good chap and shut it down for them.

Oh, and don't forget to blow up the Janus arms cache - I'm just sorry I can't be there myself to enjoy the fireworks.


Don't miss your train, James.

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