Destroyer thumb


"Destroyer 1 (251)"
8002A8F7 001A
8103754E 59D0
8102A932 0000
81063BF0 8009
81063BF2 E360
D102B522 0002
81063BF2 3860
D102B522 0003
81063BF2 0DE0
D102B522 0004
81063BF0 8008
811F1A94 3FF6
811F1A9C C5D7
811F1ABC 801D
811F1ABE 66F4
811F1AEC C414
811F5072 0013
811F1B18 4398
811F1B20 C516
811F1B40 801D
811F1B42 F874
811F1A68 C289
811F1A70 C58C
811F1A90 801D
811F1A92 6294
811F1B44 C072
811F1B4C C399
811F1B6C 801E
811F1B6E 1034
811F1D54 C379
811F1D5C C399
811F1D7C 801E
811F1D7E 1094
811F1D80 4373
811F1D88 C399
811F1DA8 801E
811F1DAA 0FB4
811F1B9C C1C5
811F1BA4 C5A9
811F1BC4 801D
811F1BC6 6334
811F1E04 C380
811F1E0C C5A9
811F1E2C 801D
811F1E2E 6334
811F1E30 437E
811F1E38 C5A9
811F1E58 801D
811F1E5A 6374
811F1CA4 438E
811F1CAC C54C
811F1CCC 801D
811F1CCE FA24
811F2014 438E
811F201C C55B
811F203C 801D
811F203E FA64
811F2040 438E
811F2048 C53D
811F2068 801D
811F206A FA44
811F1C78 C252
"Destroyer 2"
811F1C80 C5FF
811F1FBC 43A0
811F1FC4 C5FF
811F1FE8 C3B9
811F1FF0 C5FF
811F1CD0 C080
811F1CD8 44D2
811F206C C3A4
811F2074 44D2
811F2098 439C
811F20A0 44D2
50000608 0000
811D0FD0 0000
811D0FB8 0000
811D1038 0000
811D1048 0000
811D1078 0000
811D1080 0000
811D1090 0000
811F372E 0029
811F2894 801D
811F2896 833C
811F4156 271C
811F41D6 271C
811F4256 271C
811F42D6 271C
811F4356 271C
811F43D6 271C
811F4456 271C
811F44D6 271C
811F4556 271C
811F45D6 271C
811F4D56 000C
811F1CFC C474
811F1D04 438A
811F1D28 C3A0
811F1D30 C50A
811F1D50 801D
811F1D52 E0C4
811F2B5E 0030
811F253C 4412
811F2540 43EC
811F2544 C5C1
811F4050 01D0
801F4053 0028
811F4054 011B
811F4058 0002
811F405A 0103
811F3158 0170
801F315B 0003
811F315C 0064
811F315E 0028
811F3160 0002
811F3162 0100
811F2148 BDCA
811F2150 4483
811F28F4 C40C
811F28F6 6000
811F28F8 445D
811F28FC C502
811F291C 801D
811F291E FFD4
"Destroyer 3"
811F2920 4100
811F2924 4186
811F292C 4299
811F2934 4303
811F4854 0098
811F48DC 3E99
811F48E0 3E99
811F48D4 42B4
811F48D8 447A
811F48E4 4040
811F48E8 0000
811F48EA 0005
811F48F6 000A
811F2938 441E
811F293A 0000
811F293C 445D
811F2940 C561
811F2960 801D
811F2962 F794
811F2942 BD00
811F2944 BF80
811F2964 40A0
811F2968 4186
811F2970 429E
811F2978 4304
811F4954 0098
811F49DC 3E99
811F49E0 3E99
811F49D4 42B4
811F49D8 447A
811F49E4 4040
811F49E8 0000
811F49EA 0005
811F49F6 000A
811F29C0 C41E
811F29C2 0000
811F29C4 445D
811F29C8 C563
811F29E8 801D
811F29EA 57AC
811F29CC 3F80
811F29D4 3586
811F29EC 40C0
811F29F0 4196
811F29F8 429E
811F2A00 4303
811F4B54 0098
811F4BDC 3E99
811F4BE0 3E99
811F4BD4 42B4
811F4BD8 447A
811F4BE4 4040
811F4BE8 0000
811F4BEA 0005
811F4BF6 000A
811F2A04 C40C
811F2A08 445D
811F2A0C C415
811F2A2C 801D
811F2A2E 3AD4
811F2A10 3F80
811F2A18 3586
"Destroyer 4"
811F2A30 41C8
811F2A34 4208
811F2A3C 429E
811F2A44 4303
811F4C54 0098
811F4CDC 3E99
811F4CE0 3E99
811F4CD4 42B4
811F4CD8 447A
811F4CE4 4040
811F4CE8 0000
811F4CEA 0005
811F4CF6 000A
811F2A8C 440D
811F2A90 445D
811F2A94 C500
811F2AB4 801D
811F2AB6 F644
811F2A98 BF80
811F2AA0 3586
811F2AB8 412B
811F2ABC 41A2
811F2AC4 429E
811F2ACC 4303
811F4E54 0098
811F4E58 1000
811F4EEE 0000
811F2AD0 440E
811F2AD4 445D
811F2AD8 C40A
811F2AF8 801E
811F2AFA 0E74
811F2ADC BF80
811F2AE4 3586
811F2AFC 412B
811F2B00 41A2
811F2B08 42A7
811F2B10 4303
811F4F54 0098
811F4F58 1000
811F4FEE 0000
811D10E8 0000
811F297C C000
811F2980 43C7
811F2984 C5AF
811F2986 A800
811F29A4 801D
811F29A6 68F4
811F2990 0000
811F29B4 4413
811F29BC 43E0
811F4A54 0145
811F4AEE 0001
811F28B0 C3EE
811F28B4 43FE
811F28B8 C502
811F28D8 801D
811F28DA DF44
811F4754 00AC
811F47EE 0001

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