James Bond, walking down the Egyptian hall, after killing Baron Samedi.

The el-Saghira temple, more commonly known by its mission select name Egyptian, is the location of the final bonus mission in GoldenEye. The mission can only be unlocked by completing every other mission on 00 Agent (which is NOT a small feat by any metric). Unlike Aztec, the map isn't based on a specific Bond film, although its general appearance is no doubt modelled after the Egyptian scenes in The Spy Who Loved Me; instead it features a variety of elements taken from various Bond films merged into a plot designed to follow on from some of these movies. The map features a layout that suggests it may have been designed for multiplayer and later adapted to solo. It has no obvious start point and loops around on itself as all the multiplayer-only maps do. Bond recovers the Golden Gun here and must battle Baron Samedi.

Goldeneye 007 (Music) - Egyptian02:55

Goldeneye 007 (Music) - Egyptian

The Egyptian music.

The level includes a rather strange puzzle to recover the Golden Gun; in a room with a tiled floor, Bond must follow the correct path to the Golden Gun. Failure to do so will render the Golden Gun inaccessible and result in four bulletproof Autoguns activating, with the only option being to flee the room through the door to the far left of the room and re-entering to reset the puzzle.

The correct solution to this puzzle, from the starting tile, is to go left two tiles (to the wall), then forward two tiles, right three tiles, forward two tiles (to the corner of the drone gun case) then zig-zag left one, forward one, left one (to the side of the opposite drone gun case), forward two, and then right one to arrive in front of the Golden Gun case.

It is not at all clear how the player is supposed to work this out other than sheer trial and error.

Enemies Edit

Russian Infantry

Drone Guns

Baron Samedi

Multiplayer Edit

Egyptian is one of the five solo stages included in GoldenEye's multiplayer. Oddly enough, the map is large but limited to two players.

Trivia Edit

  • It was originally known under the name "Crypt" in the beta.
    • In the watch menu, more specifically on the objectives sub-menu, it is still called Crypt.
  • The Baron Samedi is based on "Live and Let Die" starring Roger Moore, and the Golden Gun is based on "The Man with the Golden Gun" also starring Roger Moore.


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