The Egyptian level is the 9th and final level in Goldeneye 007. The level contains secret passages and requires almost supernatural like movements. The level is not part of the Goldeneye storyline, but exists as a bonus level along with the level Aztec Complex.

Primary ObjectivesEdit


Scaramanga has passed into legend as the deadliest assassin of all time. The current whereabouts of his golden gun are unknown...

M BriefingEdit

This is sinister, 007. We've received a message from someone claiming to be Baron Samedi, the voodoo sorcerer you crossed swords with back in Haiti. He claims to have the golden gun and wants to meet you in the ancient el-Saghira temple in the Valley of the Kings. Obviously, it's a trap, but as a double-0 agent you know what goes with the territory.

Q BranchEdit

Keep your wits about you, 007. Remember, the golden gun is a powerfu weapon, perhaps it could even defeat Samedi.


Do you do voodoo, James?

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