Frigate Walkthrough 


A demonstration of the pirate stealth helicopter by the french military has been unexpectedly postponed offical channels insist that nothing is wrong but unofficially MI6 has been asked to help salvage a very hostage situation on board the frigate la fayette. It seems that the Janus crime syndicate will stop at nothing in its attempt to hijack the helicopter 

M Breifing 

This is the best chance we've had in years to get a lead on janus the french are prepared to play along with an entrapment scenario we need you to place a tracker on the pirate so that we can trace its movements after janus steals it. this must go smoothly 007 if the press gets a sniff of this we all have egg on our faces

Q Branch

The french have kindly given us the technical details of the pirate so i have managed to convert this tracker bug into quite a cleaver little chap its undetectable and it locks out all weapon firing commands janus is also threatening to blow up the ship they are most likely to have placed explosives on the bridge and in the engine room take care 007 and be curtain to use the bomb defuser correctly


Xenia Onatopp. one of janus main operatives may be on board the la fayette. they say she's has thighs of steel , james just be sure to stay out of there grasp    

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