Action 00 advances through the action block until a matching label is found or the block terminates. This is the equivalent of Perfect Dark's action 0000.



00 Action Type
XX Label


When this action is executed, it jumps to the next label with a matching value and continues execution from there. This action is similar to a normal return value, skipping any and all commands in between the command and the label. If more than one label shares the same value, the loop continues at the first one listed after this command. If the label is not found before the end of the loop the action block terminates.


  1. 0020 proceed to 0220
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. 0220 start execution here

In this example, when you take the proceed action at line one it skips over the next two lines, continuing at line four. Nothing on lines two and three is executed.

This action is useful when you have a series of possibilities, such as randomly assigned equipment, that after being executing will all share common code at a common location.

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