These game settings can be changed from page 4 of the watch menu.


Selecting this bar allows you to adjust the volume of the game's music.


Selecting this bar allows you to adjust the volume of the game's sound effects.

Look Up/DownEdit

This allows you to chose between Reverse and Upright. Reverse is default: pressing up while aiming will look down, and pressing down will look up. Upright swaps the controls.


When this is on, Bond will automatically make minute adjustments to his aim to target guards without the player needing to. This does not have any effect when in aim mode. Contrary to popular belief this setting does work on all difficulties. This will not automatically target friendly characters. This is on by default, but experienced players may with to turn it off. The higher the difficulty, the lower the effect of auto-aim. However, the Japanese version of the game features Agent difficulty's auto-aim on Secret and 00 Agent difficulties, making harder difficulties easier on the Japanese version of the game.

Aim ControlEdit

This switches how aim mode behaves. By default this is on Hold, and the aim button must be held down. It can be switched to Toggle, which allows the player to aim without holding the button, but the button must be pressed a second time to return to normal movement.

Sight On-ScreenEdit

Allows you to toggle the aiming sight on or off. It is on by default.

Look AheadEdit

When this is on, Bond will automatically level his view when not moving. His view will not level when moving, which allows you to lock it into place (for example, aiming up slightly to make a headshot). This is also on by default.

Ammo On-ScreenEdit

By default, the current and maximum ammo for your current weapon(s) is shown on the screen. This allows you to switch it off if you'd like. The ammo count is still shown on the first page of the menu with this off.


Chose between Full, Wide, and Cinema screen size. Wide and Cinema offer wider fields of view, but the screen itself is smaller. It is set to Full by default.


Choose between Normal and 16:9 aspect ratio. Normal is the standard 4:3 ratio that was common at the time the game was released; this will make the game look stretched horizontally on widescreen TVs. 16:9, on the other hand, will make the game look stretched vertically on non-widescreen TVs. This should be set to match your TV ratio as closely as possible.

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