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Golden Gun

Golden Gun


The Golden Gun is one of the two strongest weapons in the game (The other being the Gold PP7). Its only appearance is in the secret bonus mission Egyptian, but it is available afterward as its own cheat. Due to its power, it can kill anyone in one hit in solo missions (except special circumstances such as Trevelyan in various locations and Ourumov in Silo -- they take upwards of 30+ shots to bring down, if and when the game allows it.) The Golden Gun is a difficult weapon to use because it only holds one bullet at a time, and must be reloaded every time it is fired.

The Golden Gun is available in multiplayer in its own weapon set titled, fittingly enough, Golden Gun. It is also the focus of the Man with the Golden Gun scenario, where there is only one non-respawning Golden Gun on the field.

In order to get the Golden Gun in Egyptian, Bond must walk through a room only touching the correct floor tiles. If he missteps, a bulletproof glass shield will surround the weapon and its ammunition, and four alcoves containing drone guns will open. Bond must then flee the room in order to close the drone gun alcoves, which will allow him to attempt to retrieve the gun again. The Golden Gun is so powerful you can kill anyone with one shot using it.

This appears in Golden Gun mode in the Nintendo Wii.


This weapon is the one used by the assassin Francisco Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden Gun. The background section of Egyptian's briefing mentions Scaramanga, calling him the deadliest assassin of all time.

When a guard is assigned this weapon, they will fire it like an automatic pistol, which is much faster than Bond can fire it. This can be seen in an unmodified game by using a cheat to give Bond the Golden Gun in Depot. By triggering the ending cutscene with the Golden Gun as the active weapon, and without killing the guards on Trevelyan's train, Bond will then proceed to kill the guards by firing the gun like an automatic.

In Multiplayer, if a character has +10 health from the health option in the multiplayer set-up, and body armor, and is shot once in the limbs, they will survive with all their body armor destroyed and their health bar with six bars on the watch reticule remaining. With this knowledge it is possible to survive up to 4 shots without dying under the conditions listed above. (You would have to pick up another body armor after every shot.) This also works for the Gold PP7.

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