The original Golden Gun, from The Man with the Golden Gun

The Golden Gun is undeniably the most recognisable and powerful weapon in 007 history. Scaramanga's weapon, appearing to be a lighter/pen combination, makes a triumphant return in GoldenEye 007, with it being used in Golden Gun mode. In this mode, players pick up the gun and attempt to eliminate enemy's with it. Each fatal shot must be aimed well, as you will have to reload after each shot (yes, it only has a one bullet magazine), and you will almost certainly be killed by the retaliation, and 5 points goes begging. A match 'aint over 'till it's over due to the amount of points it gives you after each kill. Unfortunately, you may encounter campers with the gun, and there is nothing more frustrating than having certain victory stolen right from you thanks to a Golden Gun camper. Along with the MJR, you can't add this weapon to your loadout. As for gadgets, they all are still effective except for the Multi Task, Heavy Hitter, Speed Loader and Hi-Cap Magazine gadgets. So, the Golden Gun is (almost) the perfect weapon. 100% power, 100% accuracy, 100% range, 1 bullet mag, infinite ammo. The Golden Gun is back, and better than ever.

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