Here's a list of some of the programs specificly designed to fiddle with Goldeneye. If you have one, add a link and a summary!

Level EditingEdit

The most comprehensive tool for editting GoldenEye. Use a visual interface to create a full level setup, edit text that appears in the stage, and output the finished product to a ROM or console using a Gameshark/Pro Action Replay. Also provides codec support and conversion utilities to aid in generating full stages from scratch.

Code GeneratorsEdit

GameShark/Pro Action Replay UtilitiesEdit

A specialized upload utility that adds a playable Citadel to the multiplayer select screen. After upload, it can be played normally like any other stage.
Standalone image editing tool. It is not as versatile as the tool provided in the GoldenEye Setup Editor for ROM use, but allows extracting and editting images on console using a PC connection.
A generic setup uploader. This is a 16bit application, so you can run it on DOS or 16bit Windows. It also contains a statistics and position download feature.

Binary Editting UtilitiesEdit

A collection of command-line utilities for relinking tiles, converting Perfect Dark clipping to GoldenEye format, and displaying either in autocad format. For historical purposes only; the GoldenEye Setup Editor's features are far more extensive and easier to use.


A standalone codec for Rare N64 games. Among others, it can de/compress GoldenEye and Perfect Dark zlib binaries.

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