How to Add ObjectivesEdit

There is a 4 byte objective bitflag that is a global variable used by objectives. It is default 00000000, and it can be set and unset by the action blocks. Then, the objectives menu tries to match those bitflags. Objectives are added in the Edit Setup -> Edit Objectives. Add an objective, then add 1A Conditional True. Conditional True means it matches. The example below means the objective will be complete, if the global variable matches 10000000.


There is also conditional false, which means if it is unmatched, it is complete, so in the below example, if 10000000 is met, then the objective is failed, if not, then complete.


There can be a bunch of parts to an objective, so you can check if certain bitflags true, if certain false, if a 16 object is destroyed, etc. These are all used in objectives. Note they are common to all action blocks, so 1000 and 1001 both read and write to the same spot. In the simple example below, 9A sets the bitflags, and 9C checks them. The example just will play a sound since the objective is met.


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