First insert a guard where you want him to start.


Now add an action block 04XX (any unused), in this case 0401.


Now right click on the guard and set him to use this action block.


Pick a preset you want him to walk to:


Now add the action block itself. The command we were looking for was 1F, which means Guard Runs to Preset. We chose preset 70, so it will be 1F0070 (Guard Runs to preset 70). Note this command only works in 04XX blocks.

Now we do a loop to check if the Guard has reached his destination. We can do this by the command 4D, which checks whether a guard is within XXXX units of a preset. We chose this guard to be within 10 units of the preset (0010), which is a good number here. Note you could’ve used a larger number to tell if he was close, but had not yet reached his destination. Remember we put the guard ID a FD, because this means “current guard whoever’s using this block”, so if we wanted to make 10 guards do this action, we could without fixing actual guard IDs. This is a return value loop function, so if it succeeds, it means he is, if it does not, it just continues executing (thus, we put the block in the simple loop we always do (0200, 03, 0100). You could also use command 54, Go to return value loop if guard is at preset (with guard ID as FD), but the distance one is usually more useful.

At the end, it goes to 0201 if the guard is within the 0010 units of the preset. In this case, it’s set it to explode around Bond when this happens. Make sure you do a 05FD0001 after this, otherwise explosions won’t go off because it will keep trying to trigger them and never actually go off, not trigger them once.


On a related note, you could also use command 1C (guard jogs to preset) or command 1E (guard walks to preset) instead of command 1F. (guard runs to preset).



For fun, lets make sure the FD works and we can make a lot of guards do this. Add a few more guards, and assign them all to the same action block (in this case 0401).


OK now they’re cloned, lets test it in-game again.


Better kill all of them! If even one reaches the destination, the bomb goes off.


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