First, add two guards in the editor. For fun, in the example we’ll use Mayday and Jaws.


Make sure you add a weapon to Jaws.


Check out each guard ID by clicking on the guards.


For us, Mayday was guard ID 00 (don’t use the guard number, use the (ID XX). Jaws is ID 01 here.

Add a 04XX action block for Jaws, in this case we added 0401 in the action blocks window, and assign it to him.


Also make Mayday use action block 0001, so in this case she doesn’t fire at you or do anything.


Now lets construct the action block for Jaws, which was here 0401.


First, we loop until Bond is within proximity of Jaws. This is just for our test, because if they shoot right away, you won’t see it. Next, when Bond is near Jaws, it goes to the 0200 loop, and uses the command 14 to have Jaws target Mayday. Make sure you choose the right guard ID target (Mayday). The 14 commands return value loops successfully if the target has been targetted, so we keep looping here until the target has been targetted, then goto 0202.

Now lets actually kill the target, so use the command 19. The left guard ID is the shooter, the right combobox ID is the victim. Choose style 04 to shoot the other in the stomach, 08 is head. Finally, we keep looping here until the guard id has been killed, then we goto 0203 which does 05FD0001 to exit the routine.

If you want Jaws to now turn and attack you, change 05FD0001 to 05FD0002, so it uses the default attack routine.


If you give Mayday more health, she will last longer. However, sometimes it will not kill her in time, and then be in this bizarre situation where she is being hit, but the guard isn’t shooting at her. It’s best to combine this whole situation with timers, so that a guard fires every so often.

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