First, insert a vehicle. Only the cars are valid. In this case, we’ll insert a 00 object of 0117, Dam Supply Truck.


Now right click on a wall and click Add Path.


Remember which path # is added.


Now open the Path Window, by Edit Setup -> Edit Paths.


Click Delete Preset until they’re all gone.


Now close the window and go back to the Visual Window. Right click on the presets, in the order you want the path, and click Add Preset to Path -> Path # (one we added). Also click Paths Off for it to Say Paths On, so we can view them.

Right click on the first preset you want the truck to go to (must be 00 preset), then click Add Preset to Path -> Path 00.


Do it to the second point as well. All paths need at least two presets.


It should connect them with a blue line.


Now add a 04XX action block. It must be 04XX, because we’re going to attach it to a vehicle. In this case, we add 0403. Attach the truck to action block 0403.


All we need to do is set the object path to 00, then set the speed of the vehicle, and it’s off. Exit the block with 05FD0001 so it doesn’t keep trying to restart the path.


Your truck will move. You can play around with the speeds if you like of the truck. The first two bytes are for speed, and the second are for initial acceleration.


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