First, you need to add a 16 tag to a door.


Be sure to record which 16 object was created. Also note what preset is being use, here it is 2712.


For fun, lets make an automatic door, that opens if you come close.

First, we’ll check if Bond is close to the door by checking his proximity to the preset, which here was 2712. Loop until this is met.

Then, we need to check if the door is closed by the 68 command. Be sure to choose the right 16 object tag, in this case it was 01. If it’s not closed, it’s in the process of being opened, so we don’t want to keep opening it (or it’ll keep restarting opening and never actually open). If it’s now closed, then open the door by the command 66, and choose the door. Then keep looping to the beginning forever.


And it works. You could do similar things to close doors, etc. Close door is command 67.


Note that if a door is linked to another door, both will open. To link doors, right click and choose the other door number to link to. You’ll need to then choose the other door and link it to this one.


Now both doors open since they are linked. You could alternatively simply 16 tag the other door, and then open them both by individual 66 commands. For reference, if you want to adjust door speeds, and methods of opening, go to Edit Setup -> Edit Objects and choose the 01 type object of doors.


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