We’ll test this on the white bin in Runway. Click on it to find its preset. In this case, it’s 0021.


Add an 10XX action block (it could be 04XX, depending on use, but in most cases it will be 10XX.


This block will loop and use command 52 to check if Bond is within XXXX units of a preset. In this case, a distance of 0020 was used, but you could use smaller or larger distances, to detect if Bond is close to an object. If he is close enough, it goes to return value loop spot 01 (the 0201), and if not just does the classic (0200, 03, 0100) loop. In this case, it displays text, then exits if you are close.


Instead, lets check if Bond is close to a guard. Insert a guard (any guard). In this case Natalya was inserted.


For some reason, the game doesn’t have a global check if Bond is close to a guard, so we need to make Natalya a 04XX action block. Add a 0402 in the action blocks, then assign Natalya to it.


We now do a similar loop as before, but this time use the command 4B Check if within Proximity of Bond (04XX only!), and if so, goto 0201, otherwise loop. In this case, we choose to display text, then instead of our usual 05FD0001, we do 05FD0002, which is for guards, and makes them attack Bond.


First, Natalya won’t attack, and she’s just looping through the 0200, 03, 4B…, 0100, until Bond becomes close enough.


Once he has, it displays the text, then she attacks.


There are other similar commands, such as check if Guard within units of another Guard, etc, so play around, as well as 4C Check if Guard Not Within Units of Bond return value loop.

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