These tutorials are based on version 3.4 of Hammer, the last publicly released non-beta version of the program. The version of Hammer supplied in the Half-Life 2 SDK may work with these tutorials, but it has not been tested. The tutorials are all written around creating original Half-Life (Gold Source) maps and not Half-Life 2 maps. It is most likely possible to import Half-Life 2 maps into GoldenEye, but these guides are not geared to it.

Installing Valve Hammer EditorEdit

This is the program you will use for creating your map. First off, you'll want to download a copy of the editor, which can be done here. Run the installer and install it to the default directory (C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor). You may be tempted to run the editor now but you will need some other files before you can use it to create GoldenEye maps.

Zoner's Half-Life ToolsEdit

These are alternate compiling tools to be used with Hammer, which can be downloaded here. Unzip these to their own directory within Hammer's \tools directory (C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\tools\zhlt).


This is a wad created by BillyGlenn which contains all of GoldenEye's textures for use in Hammer. Download it here, then unzip it to Hammer's root directory (C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor).

Note: Unfortunately, this wad has been lost. If you know where to get one, please put a link on this page.

Update: Here's a new link to the file:

EDIT/Update: File linked above did not work for me, but I found an alternative:

Configuring HammerEdit

Now that you have all the files you'll need to create a GoldenEye map with Hammer it's time to configure the editor. Run Hammer, since this is your first time the configuration window will pop up automatically. The following steps walk you through the process of creating a configuration file:

  • Add a configuration named GoldenEye 007.
  • Set its Game Data files to C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\fgd\half-life\halflife.fgd. You really only need this for the start point entity, which is required to compile your map properly.
  • Set the Default PointEntity Class to info_playerstart.
  • Set the RMF directory to Hammer's \maps directory. RMF's are uncompiled maps in Hammer's format.
  • Ignore the rest of the fields, they are not required for GoldenEye.

Click the Build Programs tab:

  • Select GoldenEye 007 as your configuration.
  • Ignore the game executable field, that's used for Half-Life.
  • Set the CSG executable to hlcsg.exe in the /tools/zhlt directory.
  • Set the other three compiling programs the same way.
  • Set your compiled maps directory to Hammer's /maps directory.

Lastly click the textures tab:

  • Add GE.wad and zhlt.wad. GE.wad is in Hammer's root directory, and zhlt.wad is in the same directory as the tools.

Configuring CraftyEdit

Run the installer, and then open up the application when it's done. Go to Setup>Options>Exporting. Make sure the Material Type: drop down box is set to materials. Special materials doesn't need to be checked, but Textures do. Also, set the Texture Extension is set to bmp. Then check Models, hit Apply, and then Ok.

Now go to Setup>Profiles and make sure that only Half Life is selected.

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