Janus Marine

Janus Marine

Janus Crime Syndicate
Weapon of Choice
Levels (single player)
Frigate; Depot; Train

The Janus Marines are encountered on the Frigate, in the Depot, and aboard Trevelyan's Train. They wear gray uniforms with black flak jackets. They seem to be the main footsoldiers of Janus as viewed by their duties. In Frigate, they hold the Naval Officers hostage as Xenia is going to steal the helicopter. In Depot, they seem to be the primary movers of illegal arms shipments. They are last seen aboard Trevelyan's Train. There they either act as guards or are moving a shipment as some are waiting behind boxes outside the train after it comes to a forced stop.

Weapons UsedEdit

The Janus Marines only use two weapons: the D5K Deutsche and the Phantom. On Frigate, there is only one guard each who carries doubles of both weapons. The double D5K carrier is in the opposite corner of the hostage-holding Janus Marine in the Engine room on the bottom floor. The double Phantom carrier is in a room before the Bridge room which contains one of the bombs. They carry nothing but D5K's after Frigate. In Depot, reinforcements have doubles. In Train, they only carry singles.


  • They are the 18th character in the roster.
  • His head model is based off "Steve E".
  • They are permanently available after the Antenna Cradle stage is beaten.
  • Matches very well with Multiplayer stage Complex's backgrounds.
Color Grey
Height 4/7
Sight 4/8

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