Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy drone guns
  • Eliminate Xenia
  • Blow up ammo dump
  • Escort Natalya to Janus base


Satellite reconnaissance has been unable to locate any installation near the coordinates recovered from the Janus computers in St Petersburg. It seems likely that a ground search will be necessary. The CIA has provided you with a light aircraft. Underfly Janus radar and parachute in to the drop, proceed through the jungle eliminating any opposition and attempt to locate the Janus base.

M BriefingEdit

Miss Simonova will be with you on this mission. If Janus is operating a Goldeneye satellite, her computing skills will be essential when you try to disable their systems. Jack Wade has given her some basic firearms training and he thinks she'll be able to carry her weight in a combat situation. Be careful though, 007, remember she isn't an experienced operative like yourself.

Q BranchEdit

You'll know you are on the right trail if you encounter Janus troops or automated defenses. Be especially wary of their robotic drone guns. I'm giving you some triggered mines for their ammo dump, try not to waste them on silly things. Oh, and look out for that Xenia woman, 007, i think she is after you. You lucky devil.


A hot date in the rainforest? With two women! Shame on you James.