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Moonraker Laser

Moonraker Laser


The Moonraker Laser is a very powerful weapon comparable to the Cougar Magnum but with a much higher rate of fire and no magazine or ammunition limitations. It can normally only be found in Aztec but two cheats exist specifically to give Bond this weapon in every mission.

In the film Edit

The Moonraker laser was featured in the 1979 film Moonraker, which was the name of the shuttle that was stolen by Drax industries. The laser was featured as a prototype in the film at the ranch in the courtyard with Q, and in space toward the end of the film. The Moonraker laser is an amazing weapon noted for its unlimited ammo, range, and accuracy.

If you purchased the "00 Edition" of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded on Playstation 3, you got a redeemable code for an extra multiplayer character and the Moonraker Laser, also for multiplayer use.


  • The laser is called the Military Laser in the watch menu.
  • The laser was much more common in pre-release versions of the game, appearing in Facility, Bunker 1, and Silo. It was probably only used for testing and never intended to actually appear in those missions.
  • The real Moonraker Laser was a prop based around a plastic toy Uzi.
  • The Moonraker Laser is able to shoot through doors.
  • There is a glitch that can occur from time to time whenever a guard is dual-wielding the lasers. The guard will be stuck on their shooting animation, but they will not fire any shots and will simply just stand still with their lasers aiming at where they were going to fire at. They will not react to Bond at all or move out of this glitch until they are shot and wounded, killed, or removed from play by an action block.
  • Baron Samedi is equipped with two Moonraker Lasers in the third wave of the Egyptian level.
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