Each multiplayer stage has a series of spawn points, weapon locations for each of the eight different placement types, a flag for the scenario The Living Daylights, and (usually) body armor locations.

There are 11 stages normally selectable from the multiplayer menu. In addition, two other stages were created by Rare and are present on the game but can only be accessed with a GameShark or Pro Action Replay. Besides these stages, through hacking all the solo stages have been given multiplayer setups, and new multiplayer-only levels are now available.

Original StagesEdit

Temple Edit

A vast sandstone temple with large, open rooms.

Complex Edit

A veritable maze of narrow, winding corridors.

Caves Edit

Dark, twisting caverns compose one of the smallest maps.

Library Edit

Three floors, one narrow corridors underground, one large, open rooms, and another of walkways.

Basement Edit

The lower narrow corridors underneath Library. The smallest of the multiplayer maps.

Stack Edit

Large, blocky rooms with walkways overhead. This composes the upper two floors of Library.

Facility Edit

Battle in the first section of the Russian gas plant. Unlocked in the solo campaign.

Bunker Edit

Unlocked in the solo campaign.

Archives Edit

The same two-floor office complex from mission mode. Unlocked in the solo campaign.

Water Caverns Edit

Dank and cavernous. Long narrow walkways and explosive barrels mark this stage. Unlocked in the solo campaign.

Egyptian Edit

The final mission. Battle between the massive pillars of the Egyptian Temple. Unlocked in the solo campaign.

Statue Park Edit

Weave between forgotten statues of the communist era in this multiplayer arena. Available via cheat device.

Cradle Edit

An array of walkways teetering precariously in the air. Available via cheat device.

New StagesEdit

New multiplayer stages come in many forms. The earliest used GameShark/Pro Action Replay codes to convert existing setups for new arenas. The GoldenEye Setup Editor has made it possible to develop every solo stage into a mutliplayer map without limitation. Likewise, it has also streamlined the process for developing entirely new, user-created stages.

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