Description: After escaping with the required evidence from Conksters Control Bunker Bond stumbled opon Kaientai's Nitro Weapon base. It is essential that you take out the Nitrus Exterminator because based on its power readings we have no idea what it could do. As well as escaping from Petropavlovsk Kam after destroying any chance of Taka rebuilding his deadly weapon. The question is what possible escape could you make aerial perhaps. Plus it is highly likely that Taka knows you are here by now.

Objectives: a). Destroy the Nitrus Exterminator b). Destroy N.E Backup data c). Photograph Kaientai Sattelites

Briefing: Background: After Bond left the bunker he ventured out into the cold air of Northern Russia. To Top Secret Snow Base where KAIENTAI held there most Deadly weapon the Nitrus Exterminator. M Brief: You must Destroy that Weapon Bond it is more advanced than anything we have seen yet. It was built personnely by TAKA. He is Warning the whole of the USA that his weapon has the power to sink them, with one blast. As well as destroying the weapon he may have some mainframes with backup data they must also be destroyed. Q Brief: Two simple gadgets for you Bond my Bomb Defuser will have a negative effect on this new weapon of his just use it on a computer nearby and watch his weapon target itself. As for Taka's Backup Mainframes they should in a safe area so we cannot get to them, however plant this bug on the controlling computer to fry the mainframes for another explosive ending. Moneypenny: Nitros are dangerous around Fire be careful Bond.





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