Outpost Bravo is the base camp of the Janus Special Forces operation in the Nigerian Jungle. The outpost has recently been built and is located adjecent to the Pan-African Power Solar Power Plant.

The outpost has four bunkers,each with radio communication-systems. Two Drone Gun (2010)'s overlook the road,and there is another drone gun outside the bunker. There are two ammo dumps. A pipeline-bridge crosses the road. The outpost has many guards,and a sniper overlooking the open road. Reinforcements often enter and exit the base. A fuel tank lies next to the main gate. Janus lorries enter the outpost dropping of troops. If an intruder is spoted,an alarm is sounded and reinforcements will climb over the main gate. The main gate is hackable at its control point.


.A constant radio message can be heard from the radio-communication systems.'Outpost Bravo,please confirm adjustements. Increase covers to the north and north-west corridoor.Outpost Bravo,please confirm defence.

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