Action 0001 starts at the beginning of the action block and continues execution at the first matching label. It is the equivalent of GoldenEye's action 01.



0001 Action Type
XX Label


Unlike the proceed to label action and a normal return value, this action starts at the beginning of the current block and continues execution at the first matching label. If more than one label shares the same value, the block continues from the first one listed in the action block. If the label is not found before the end of the block the action terminates.


  1. ... beginning of block
  2. 000220 start execution here after command
  3. 0003
  4. 000120 start at 000220
  5. ...
  6. ...
  7. 000220 will not jump to this label

As you can see, when you take the 000120 jump, it returns to the first matching label in the action block at line two. In this case, the action will never even run to the second label on line seven.

This action is perfect for creating loops. Before any terminator, you will undoubtedly use a go to beginning action in order to return to some earlier code. However, it also raises the possibility of infinite loops.

  1. 000220
  2. 000120

This loop will continue indefinitely. To stop continual execution, add in a leave the routine action as seen in the first example.

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