PT-9 Interdictus



Unlocked at
Level 18

The PT-9 Interdictus has a completely different model depending on version; in the Wii game it is an FN Tactical Police, while in Reloaded it is a custom Remington 870 model lifted directly from the videogame 007: Quantum of Solace.


The PT-9 Interdictus is the third shotgun unlocked in Goldeneye 007 Wii's online multiplayer; being unlocked at level 18. It has slightly inferior statistics, compared to the SEGS 550 but it makes up for that by being the only shotgun to accept an attachment, this being the Reflex Sight. This makes the PT-9 far more accurate than the SEGS, despite its supposed lower accuracy statistic. Always use the reflex sight when you are using the Interdictus, otherwise you would be carrying a gun that was less powerful than the SEGS, with only slightly improved accuracy.

Shotguns are hugely buffed in Reloaded making the Interdictus is one of the most powerful weapons in singleplayer mode, it appears in Archives and Cradle. Boasting a faster reload which is easier to interrupt in emergencies, increased damage, a shortened pump animation and improved accuracy over its Wii incarnation, it is one of the best weapon choices in both levels it appears in.

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