The path network is a single, massive path found in every solo stage. It is made up of interconnected pads, and is required for guards to track the player through a stage. Without a path network, the game will drop to an unacceptable framerate, due to all of the calculations required for guards to reach the player. Stages intended solely for multiplayer do not have path networks in GoldenEye. Perfect Dark's multiplayer stages do have a path network, however, because it is required for simulants.

Setup Editor SpecificsEdit

The information below only pertains to users of the Goldeneye Setup Editor.

Path Network AppearanceEdit

Pads that make up the path network are displayed as green in the setup editor's visual editor. The links between them can be viewed by toggling Sets on. A green line will be drawn between linked pads.

Creating a Path NetworkEdit

Start by inserting at least two basic pads (00 presets) in object mode. Select the first one, hold down the Shift key, and select the second. Right click and chose Join to Path Preset Table. The pads should turn green, and will be linked if you turn Sets on. You can now repeat this for your entire stage. Be sure to have at least one pad in each room. Do not link pads in such a way that guards will not be able to follow them. For example, do not run a connection between pads through a wall. Make a pad in a doorway instead, and link the other two to that pad.

Clearing the Path NetworkEdit

The editor does not allow pads to be removed from the path network. It is possible, however, to remove it entirely. Open the path editor and import a blank text file. This will remove all paths from the stage, including the path network.

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