The Pilot is a minor profile of characters that appear on both the single-player and multi-player of Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo Wii). He appears as bothe an enemy and ally of Bond.


The pilot first appears as an ally on the Carrier mission,as two dead pilots killed by Arkady Ourumov and Xenia Onatopp. The pilot wears a black helmet with a radio speaker and a green jumpsuit. The pilot has stubble and is unarmed. An AH-6 Little Bird helicopter appears flying over the building site on Station,although he does not appear. In the Jungle (2010) mission,the pilot can appear dropping reinforcements off the Little Bird if Bond is spotted. He also appears flying Xenia Onatopp,and will use his sub-machine guns,however Bond manages to use the ground missile emplacement,which kills both the pilot and Onatopp. In Cradle (2010) the pilot again appears in a Little Bird,and he can kill Bond with the sub-machine guns. At the end of the cradle mission,Natalya Simonova appears to have hiijacked a Little Bird along with the pilot,and after recuing Bond they reach the waterfall where the pilot is arrested by a British Elite-Squad. The pilot also appears as a selectable character in Multi-Player.


. The pilot appears at different times as different people,even though all pilots are the exact same.

Gender Male
Status Dead, Alive, Captured
Affiliation Sky Briggs, Janus
Nationality Unknown

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