Bunker 2 received very little press coverage.

Known ChangesEdit

PR BunkerCell

Bond using dual ZMG's in the Bunker's prison. A hanging lamp is visible, and the key rack is missing.

  • There were originally hanging lamps in the prison cells. They appear to have used the same texture as the one still found in Depot, and emitted a visible beam of light.
  • There was no key rack on the wall opposite the prison cells.
  • A yellow stripe was added to the walls in several places.
  • The doors in this stage originally had fake windows that could not be shot out. These doors were replaced with ones with actual glass. The old door models still exist in the final version, but their texture information is invalid.
  • Bond originally had access to an unsilenced PP7 and dual ZMG's in this mission.

    Inside the hole, where another hole can be seen.

  • There was an accessable hole by the cells containing a knife.

Setup File LeftoversEdit

Unused PadsEdit

00 Basic PadsEdit

  • 000F: Arctic Commando (safe room)
  • 0010: Arctic Commando (prison)
  • 001A: Unknown (main room, possibly guard or decorative object)
  • 001B: Unknown (main room, possibly guard or decorative object)
  • 0026: Alarm (CCTV tape room, same as Bunker i, but further out from wall)
  • 0029: Ceiling Mounted Drone Gun (drone gun hall, by armour)
  • 0076: Unknown (outside, probably intended for ending cutscene)

2710 Advanced PadsEdit

  • 2716: Brown Corrugated Electronic Door (bunker entrance, identical to 277C)
  • 2717: Window Glass (main room, double glass on ledge with camera)
  • 271B: Mainframe, Basic or Mainframe, Advanced (safe room)
  • 271D: Mainframe, Basic or Mainframe, Advanced (side computer room)
  • 275F: Unknown (on table next to CCTV tape)


Technically these are used, but are never seen. They're intended to be shown on the weapon of choice screen, but it is not possible for gadgets to appear there in the final version. These are interesting because they note that the safe keys are twinned—you need both to open the safe, something the final game never alerts you to:

Twinned Safe Key 1
Twinned Safe Key 2

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