Cradle is the only mission with no known changes or leftover pads in its setup file.


  • The top, inaccessible walkways of the three pylons are partially clipped. The developers may have intended to place snipers up there, but due to game limitations they never would have been able to hit Bond.

Setup File LeftoversEdit


Two taunts never used by Trevelyan:

Trevelyan: Closing time, James. Last call.
Trevelyan: You haven't won yet!


Statue Circled

A modded multi-player level menu.

PC Cheats for Multiplayer CradleEdit


"Cradle" .off

  • 8102B11D 0092
  • 8102B11F 0093
  • 8002B127 0029
  • 8102B123 0008
  • 802ADC8D 0052
  • 802ADC8E 0041
  • 802ADC8F 0044
  • 802ADC90 004C
  • 802ADC91 0045[1]



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