This Documentation is being done off an already modified Temple Setup. Temples Weapons and Ammo Boxes were screwed up originally, (assigned bad), although their proper presets were still there. Rare fixed its mistake in the Perfect Dark version. Wreck both made Gameshark codes and a Temple setup to correct the GE Setup. That fixed setup (with all the presets equaling the original, none are cleaned up) is being used to Doc unused presets in Temple. The following are unused presets that were left unused even when the presets were used the way they were supposed to be used.


  • Temple has a unique sky assigned to it for solo, even though the stage is only available in multiplayer.

Setup File LeftoversEdit

Unused PadsEdit

00 Basic PadsEdit

A,B,C: Start Point #3 - Gun Obj #6 (MP Weapon)
E: (Wreck assigned Flag here) Gun Obj #6 (MP Weapon) - Start Point #4
12: Ammo Box #D (Gun Obj #7) - Ammo Box #8 (Gun Obj #5)
18: Ammo Box #A (Gun Obj #6) - Ammo Box #B (Gun Obj #6)
21,22,23,24,25: Ammo Box #7 (Gun Obj #4) - Ammo Box #E (Gun Obj #8)

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