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Reflex Sight

The Reflex Sight is a weapon attachment commonly found on long guns in GoldenEye 007 and GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.


The Reflex Sight accessory equips the weapon with a non-magnifying reflex optic that replaces the iron sights and provides a finer aim point, with the trade-off being a small part of the field of view being blocked by the body of the sight.

The Wii Reflex Sights all use an orange-yellow or red circle-dot reticle except the Vargen FH-7 which has a red dot. In Reloaded all Reflex Sights use a red chevron reticle.

Sight typesEdit

Wii versionEdit


  • Kobra reflex sight - AK-47
  • P90 reflex sight - Vargen FH-7
  • EOTech-style sight - All other weapons


  • On the Wii version the Anova DP3's reflex sight model is incorrectly placed, located slightly off-centre to the right. This does not affect the weapon's actual accuracy.
  • Neither game's AK shows the Kobra reflex sight attached correctly; the Wii version's is attached to the reciever cover (which is not a secure location for mounting optics), while Reloaded uses a copy of the scope mount used by the Sigmus and Sigmus 9. The Kobra uses a bracket mounting on the lower receiver.

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