Object type 25 is not an object at all. It is a special feature that allows object intereaction text to be renamed. The text that appears when an object is collected or when a locked door is tested can be changed using this command.

Using this Command Edit

There are three ways to use this command. Every time a certain item is collected it can replace its on-screen text, or it can be attached to a specific object or door. The text displayed either has to be added to the stage's own text bank or to one of the general text banks that are always loaded.

Replacing Text for All of an Item Edit

You can replace the text for all of a certain item at once. Select the item from the inventory item drop-down menu. Then, check the affect all instances box. Use the first four boxes to change the watch menu text for the item. Use the last box to change the text that appears when the item is collected.

Replacing Text for a Specific Item Edit

This requires that both an object and tag already be created. Select the object using the upper two drop-down boxes. To replace the text on the watch menu, use the first four boxes. To change the text for when the item is collected, change the last box.

Replacing Text for a Locked Door Edit

This requires that both a door and tag already be created. Select the object using the upper two drop-down boxes. Then, set the interaction text box to the new text.

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