Respawning is peculiar to multiplayer games. This is when an object or character reappears after leaving play.

Object Respawning Edit

Objects make a certain sound when they respawn. They reappear at the place at which they were last collected or destroyed. Attaching a tag to a collectible object inhibits it from respawning normally. Certain object types do not work properly after respawning. These are special types with multiple, usually moving parts, including cctv cameras, drone guns, vehicles, aircraft, and the tank.

Character Respawning Edit

Guards and other characters can be made to respawn through the use of either action blocks or special bitflags.

Player Respawning Edit

Players respawn after being killed. Under normal conditions, up to sixteen respawn locations can be placed within a stage. The player randomly reappears at one of these points. For proper operation, all multiplayer stages should have at least four respawn locations.

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