Runway is GoldenEye's third mission and is considered the game's easiest mission by most players. DK Mode is unlocked by completing this mission on agent in 5:00 or less.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Find plane ignition key
  • Destroy heavy gun emplacements
  • Destroy missile battery
  • Escape in plane


The service runway is the obvious escape route from the Arkangelsk chemical weapons facility.

M BriefingEdit

006 knew this was going to be a risky mission. His sacrifice should give you enough time to find an aircraft.

Keep a cool head and you'll get out alive. Just be certain to knock out the heavy gun emplacements and missile battery or they'll swat you out of the air like a silly fly.

Q BranchEdit

No time for gadgets here, 007. Just improvise with what you can find close to hand.


Grace under pressure, as always, James.


From the start point step left and pick up the box of Grenades, afterwards turn to the right, enter the small hallway, and eliminate the guard. Grab the box of timed mines and return to the starting area, open one of the metal shutters—there is a guard patrolling outside, shoot him and head into the small building to the left, picking up the second box of grenades before you enter. Turn to the right after entering the building and throw a grenade around the corner, eliminating both guards in here without giving them a chance to react. Walk into the small alcove and pick up the plane ignition key. Objective A Complete.

Exit the building and run straight ahead past the facility, after reaching the end turn the corner and climb on top of the tank. Press the action button to enter, then switch your weapon to tank shells and drive down the runway, firing shells at any enemies encountered. The first drone gun is located about halfway down the runway, blast it with a tank shell to destroy it. Drive towards the plane, the missile battery is on top of a small tower near it, blast it as well. Objective C Complete. Continue down the runway being extra careful not to run over or blast the plane, the last two drone guns are on cliffs opposite each other at the end of the runway. Aim up and blast each one with a tank shell. Objective B Complete.

From this point it's just a matter of driving back to the plane, exiting the tank, and using the action button when next to the plane. Objective D Complete.


When going to complete Objective C, position the tank in front of the airplane and exit, when you are near the plane, guards will most likely shoot at the plane to blow it up to prevent you from completing the mission. This move will save time and allow you to complete the mission.

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