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SEGS 550



Rate of Fire
Unlocked at
Level 7

The SEGS 550 is a Remington Model 870 in the Wii version and a Mossberg 500 in Reloaded.


The SEGS 550 is the second shotgun unlock, being unlocked at level 7. While it is less powerful than the SLY 2020, it is much quicker firing, though it does not accept detatchable box magazines, instead loading from the 8 round tube standard for almost all in-game shotguns. Unlike the SLY, the SEGS does possess a set of Iron Sights, however they are nothing to speak of, and only make you wish the accessory rail could actually hold an accessory.


The SEGS appears in Outpost and Station; it is a middle-of-the-road weapon in both games, though weaker in the Wii version due to that version's long and hard to interrupt shotgun reloads and the presence of the vastly superior Wii Kunara V in Station. The Wii game features a special "snow" version of the SEGS which is only seen in Outpost, with white furnishings instead of black.


Unlike its rather sparse record in the singleplayer mode, the SEGS will be more plentiful than sand on a beach in any multiplayer mode. Being both a Vanilla loadout, and a very low-level unlock, it will keep most players satisfied for a long time. If you are quick with the trigger, the SEGS can even hold its own against much higher-level threats, which can be rather aggravating to new level 56 players, who thought they would never lose again, and nothing humilates a level 56 more than losing to a new player. Though it is recommended you switch out to your pistol when dealing with those rather annoying proximity mines, as the random spread of any shotgun almost ensures you will waste quite a bit of ammunition while trying to destroy one.


  • Even though it clearly has a rail on top of it, it lacks the ability to hold any accessories.

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