Scientist (Female)
Weapon of Choice

The female Scientist is only found in multiplayer. She perhaps would have served the same purposes as the male scientists.

She wears a long-sleeve dull white shirt and black pants with white running shoes.

Generic FemaleEdit

Blonde/Long Hair Brunette/Long Hair
Blonde/Short Hair Brunette/Short Hair


  • She is the 16th character in the roster.
  • Her head is based off "Sally".
  • She has rosier hands than most characters.
  • She has a slim build.
  • She is slightly shorter than most characters.
  • She is miniscually shorter than Boris and Valentin.
  • She becomes permantly available after the Antenna Cradle stage has been beaten.
  • These female scientists are seen alongside male scientists in the Janus control room in the movie.
Color Dull White shirt, Black pants
Height 5/7
Sight 4/8

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