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Sly 2020
Rate of Fire
Fire modes (Wii)
Unlocked at
Level 1

The Sly 2020 (Smith & Wesson M3000 Airsoft gun) is a low-level magazine-fed shotgun.


Despite being unlocked at level 1, the Sly 2020 is the most powerful shotgun in GoldenEye 007 in terms of attack, but not the best in overall statistics. In the single player mode of the game, it can be found in the kitchen area of the nightclub, but is pretty useless in the ampitheatre section afterwards.

In comparison to other shotguns in the game, the Sly 2020 has the most powerful attack but has the worst rate of fire. It is fairly accurate and has a somewhat good range. Instead of loading individual shells, this shotgun has a 7-round detachable box magazine, so it is better overall to reload near the end of a mag.

Sadly, despite its power, some enemies don't go down in just one shot, and with the guns poor fire rate, missing an enemy at any range is absolutely miserable, as the player will certainly be killed by the retaliation.

But, the Sly 2020 has an uncanny ability (at times) to kill at seemingly impossible ranges, and even when an enemy is mostly behind cover. But, even more baffling, the gun can fail to eliminate enemies when they are right in front of the player. This will lead to frustration, and will force some players to use the Heavy Hitter gadget.

The Sly 2020 is overall, a pretty average weapon, but it can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

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