This is a list of standards we try to keep at the GoldenEye Wiki. If anyone has any suggestions for standards to add (or remove) please discuss them with your fellow agents at MI6 Headquarters.

  • GoldenEye Wiki contributers should always be referred to as "agents."
  • "GoldenEye" and "Goldeneye" are both acceptable ways to write the game's name, however please try to limit yourself to one form in an article with two exceptions:
  1. Mission briefings that use "Goldeneye." Mission briefings in walkthroughs are to be an exact copy of what appears in the game.
  2. Anything that consistently uses one of the spellings, an example is the GoldenEye Setup Editor.
  • Please try to retain NPOV in any articles you create.
  • Always refer to the player as "Bond" in single player mission walkthroughs and descriptions and "player" in multiplayer descriptions. The exceptions to this rule are hacked single player missions where you don't play as Bond, in those cases refer to the player as whomever they're playing as.

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