Multiplayer strategy is simple - win! The only tricky part is actually doing it. Covered here are not just combat techniques but multiplayer settings that affect overall strategy. ==Settings== Tactics mean everything to victory. When you don't know what's coming or have only one life to live, it will force those tactics to change. Certain settings are at your disposal to do just that. Aim Settings :Auto aim and on-screen sight driving you mad? Kick up the level of challenge. Handicap: Too easy for you? (or a tad bit too hard?) Set your health high or low. Through some trickery, you can even mimic the License to Kill scenario. No Radar :Disable the radar via a convenient unlockable in-game cheat. Dr. No (No Body Armor) :Disable the nefarious body armor pickups. No more unending lifebars. You Only Live Twice :This is a multiplayer scenario that limits each player to just two lives. ==Techniques== Here are listed techniques that are commonly used to get that slight edge on your opponent - and ways to counter them. All those sneaky little tricks will eventually find their home here. Camping:The much-maligned tactic of holing up in a nook. Zig-Zagging :An erratic defensive manuever. Circle Strafing :Circle around your target firing wildly. Cheap-Shag :Pulling out a weapon during a slap fest. Snakebite :Cornering your opponent against the wall for an easy kill

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